Since the 1950s, CLTM Port-la-Nouvelle has offered comprehensive and competitive services. To do this, we have a qualified workforce, integrated into the company and equipped with the appropriate handling equipment. Our strength lies in the experience acquired, coupled with our ability to adapt in the management of operations, which can also take care of all transport logistics services from departure to arrival. The natural maritime outlet of Midi-Pyrénées, the Port of Port la Nouvelle benefits from a privileged geographical location, at the crossroads of 3 highways connecting the southwest to Spain and the Rhone valley (A75, A9, A61).

Great diversity of traffic
CLTM is able to adapt to a multitude of traffics, for which new investments are regularly made in order to best adapt to inherent needs, such as : wood treatment (logs and chips), aluminum tickets, coils of paper and steel, flour, aggregates for construction, steel plates and sheets, ammonium nitrate, sunflower cake, cast iron pipes, cars, locomotives, road and rail vehicles, ...

  • Conventional : big bag, pallets, bundles and logs, heavy packages.
  • Solid bulk: washed coal, cereals, sunflower meal, fertilizer, biomass ...
  • Class 5.1 Dangerous Goods Handling Approval
  • Packaging and storage of solid bulk and general cargo.

Quality port handling
We carry out all handling operations for packaged products, general cargo and heavy packages, as well as bulk. We can offer additional services, such as packaging and storage operations in the hangar and on the ground. Possibility of a maritime transport logistics service that can take care of any operation from departure to final destination.

  • 84t mobile harbor crane, 40t & 10t harbor cranes, mobile lifting equipment
  • RO-RO station, Caterpillar bulk loaders, elevators from 2.5 t to 25 t
  • Big Bag bagging unit: 500, 700 and 1000 kg
  • Conveyor belt / weighing machine and weighbridge approved by the DREAL

Transit and Storage
Through the diversity of our import / export traffic, we master the practice of various customs procedures and are therefore aware of all their regulations. We have customs approval N ° A4384 with MAD stores in the port area. Thanks to EDI electronic data interchange, we make declarations in real time, thus speeding up the formalities and the release of your goods.

CLTM Port-la-Nouvelle has different storage areas :

  • Up to 20 000 m2 : conventional warehouses and dedicated bulk cells
  • Bulk sheds: 7 cells of 3000 t each
  • Coated and protected embankments
  • Railway branch
  • Heavy lift zone

Consignment of vessels
In addition to being on duty 24 hours a day in order to meet the needs of ships and crews at all times, we ensure any representation and coordination role with local authorities and various partners, in the context of trade for the various types of ships such general cargo and tankers, including sea-line service.

  • Calculation of stopover costs, access conditions and eligibility.
  • Assistance to the ship: repair, inspection, refueling, delivery / shipment of packages, ...
  • Assistance to crews: transport of patients, hospitalization and medical follow-up
  • Transfer of passengers and team members (Hotel / Taxi / Visa).
  • Access to our offices and to our WiFi internet.


CLTM Port-La-Nouvelle
405 avenue Adolphe Turrel, BP3
11210  Port-La-Nouvelle

Standard :
+33 4 68 48 01 02
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Customs Department :
+33 4 68 48 69 46
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Ship agency :
+33 4 68 48 69 44
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