Group HM is the company which brings together both the CLTM of Port-Vendres, as well as CTS Perpignan. Our group specializes in engineering operations in transport and has two main sectors of activity covering maritime and land needs in: port logistics and international transport logistics.

Created in 1956, the CLTM company is based on Port-Vendres. It meets all the needs in transit, handling and consignment operations.
Its real know-how is part of a culture of excellence through its port staff as well as its material installations.

The company CTS, created later, meets the needs of transport logistics. It develops the most appropriate solutions in terms of pre and post delivery in the various fields of land, rail and maritime transport.

As part of its activities, the HM Group benefits from storage capacities at the two sites of Port-Vendres and Perpignan, thus meeting the needs of its traffic, both in terms of refrigerated stores and unmarked warehouses or bulk sheds.